Nov 6, 2020

Getting to Know Chief Commercial Officer, Justin Zamirowski

We recently announced the appointment of Justin Zamirowski as Chief Commercial Officer. He has worked at Guidehouse (formerly Navigant Consulting), Edge Therapeutics and Otsuka Pharmaceuticals. Justin brings deep commercial leadership expertise and a breadth of experience launching regulated products across multiple systems of care, treatment settings, and therapeutic areas.

In his role at Better, Justin is responsible for market development and commercial operations. He will lead upcoming launches of Better Therapeutics’ maturing prescription digital therapeutics product portfolio with a near term focus on type 2 diabetes.

What attracted you to Better Therapeutics? Why now?

Prescription digital therapeutics will fundamentally change healthcare as we know it. We will be able to treat disease by addressing the behaviors that are root causes. We can use the data generated from use and captured remotely to better evaluate health, identify predictive risk factors, determine therapeutic effectiveness (both digital and biotechnologies), and interact across the healthcare ecosystem.

It goes without saying that the life blood of Better is its people, and there was an instant connection with the team beginning with my first meeting. Things just clicked, and I knew I wanted to be part of what we are doing.

What do you see as the biggest opportunity to improve treatment of type 2 diabetes?

Despite medical advances and new drug classes, about 50% of people with type 2 diabetes remain poorly controlled with annual disease-related costs in excess of $10,000 per patient. Our biggest opportunity is to improve clinical outcomes and reduce costs in type 2 diabetes and its associated comorbidities. Better is building a truly unique, accessible and scalable digital solution for addressing the needs of 10M+ patients with poorly controlled type 2 diabetes. And this platform can be leveraged for a host of other cardiometabolic diseases.

How, if at all, has your thinking about the healthcare system shifted since starting at Better?

I knew there would be a demand for our first product in type 2 diabetes from patients and providers, but I really wasn't sure if that was a mild, moderate or strong demand. I now realize there is a tremendous demand, and that patients and their providers truly need our product to change behaviors, and provide the knowledge, skills, and tools to sustain them.

Where do you find inspiration and purpose?

I find purpose every time I listen to a participant story or hear about a provider struggling to get their patient to a better quality of life. When I see how participants who use Better have changed their life and how they are now healthier and in remission, that’s inspiration for me.

When you’re not working, how do you like to spend your time?

I think we all have a different schedule now during this pandemic. I like to keep a pretty regimented exercise routine, have outdoor gatherings with friends to BBQ or fire up my brick oven, and spend time with the family. I also like to find a few hours here and there to keep up with World of Warcraft.